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We will update the list below frequently with iOS apps that added support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit. The following apps already support JACK at this point.

  • iSymphonic Orchestra - The ultimate orchestra sound app for your iPad and iPhone.
  • CMP Grand Piano - High quality piano sound module with MIDI sequencer.
  • iCathedral Organ - Play with the sound of a huge pipe organ from a real cathedral!
  • Oriental Strings - Sound module app for oriental keyboard players and for musicians who want to resemble the sound of the Middle East.
  • MIDI Wrench - Midi monitor & virtual MIDi keyboard / controller.
  • Audio Filter - A set of configurable audio effects.
  • Live Guitar - Virtual guitar sound module.
  • ThumbJam - Intuitive music performance app with sample based instruments.
  • SunVox - A small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker).
  • Latin Beat - Drum pad app for Latin percussion sounds.
  • Turnado (iPad Edition) - Real-time multi effect tool.
  • RoboVox - Voice recorder and voice changing app using vocoder technology.
  • PixelWave - Experimental synth with old school pixel interface.
  • SpectrumGen - Spectral synthesizer with a simple and effective user interface.
  • PixiTracker - Small, fun oriented sequencer & sampler.
  • PixiTracker 1Bit - Small, fun oriented sequencer with retro "1 bit" sound.
  • The Oscillator - Tone & noise generator.
  • Auto-Tune Star - The famous Antares Auto-Tune® effect as iOS app (iPhone version).
  • Auto-Tune Star HD - The famous Antares Auto-Tune® effect as iOS app (iPad version).
  • Audulus - Modular music processing app.
  • Recast - A simple MP3 player.
  • Rooms! - Reverb effect app.
  • Thesys (iPad Edition) - Powerful & intuitive MIDI step sequencer.

Upcoming apps with JACK support:

  • DrumJam - Serious percussions and rythm groove box.
  • MIDI Control - Virtual MIDI controller (also JACK <-> Audiobus bridge function planned).

JACK was released on iOS for the first time 4144 days ago. More JACK compatible apps to come. Simply get back to this page once in a while or subscribe for Email notification below, to get notified automatically when a new app with JACK support was released. You can also follow us on Twitter, where we will also announce new JACK apps.

Your favorite audio app does not support JACK yet? Ask your app vendor to add support for it! Any developer can add JACK support to his app in less than an hour.

You are an app developer and added support for JACK to one of your apps? Let us know so we can list you here and inform JACK users about your app via our email list subscribers and via Twitter.

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